Dirtybubble.com – Review Past Relationships


Dirtybubble.com is a site that gathers reviews of past relationships written by ex boyfriends or girlfriends. Its aim is that anybody who meets someone new can check on those comments to get some idea of that person’s background. By doing so, he or she will feel more confident about going out and start to date or (bad luck, sorry) discard the chance completely.

Apart from simply reviewing, users can also rate their past relationships, so quite a profile will be available when you are thinking if going out with someone or not.

The idea of Dirtybubble.com is to create an honest and safe community, so some guidelines must be followed concerning the reviews of exes or past hook-ups. No bad intentions or cursing will be admitted, so people with may be too resentful should keep out.

To keep everyone’s privacy, identity of reviewers is never disclosed, which is also meant to ensure honesty on the part of reviewers.

On the other hand, anyone will be able to check what others are saying about him, although they will never exactly know who it was, unless they can imagine it because some comment give a reviewer away.

It is simple to access the site, because you can do it using your Facebook username and password, without the need of going through a long and slow registration form.

Dirtybubble.com In Their Own Words

A place for people to rate, share, and review their previous relationships and hook-ups.

Some Questions About Dirtybubble.com

How can the be sure of the authenticity of the reviews? Dirtybubble.com