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ConceptFeedback.comConcept Feedback is one of the clearest resources that webmasters have for measuring how the design of their sites is actually being beneficial in terms of conversions. This company will let them submit their sites in order to be analyzed by specialists that can pinpoint their hits and misses, and then suggest ways to set all that is wrong to right.

And this service is available for much more than websites, actually. Landing pages, mockups, wireframes and interfaces can all be analyzed and measured to the same extent. As a matter of fact, the company can even review applications and provide their developers with a full evaluation.

In that sense, Concept Feedback is a truly realized system. And you can hire as many evaluators as you want to test your site (or application). Each will cost you $ 100. You can choose up to five different experts for each featured category (Design, Usability, Strategy and Copy). And it is perfectly possible to focus on one of these categories only, too. In Their Own Words

Expert feedback to improve your website.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that you can focus on what you need improved so directly turns the site into something really valuable.

Some Questions About

How long does a full evaluation usually take? Can you pay for an expedited one?