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CoFundit.comIf you are just getting started in the entrepreneurial world, a site like CofundIt might just let you get all your ideas in order a lot quicker. And it can also let you make the right connections in half the time (and with half the effort) that it would take you otherwise.

Let me explain. On the one hand, this is a site in which you can become connected with entrepreneurs the world over and ask them for their help and guidance. On the other hand, it is a site in which you can start raising capital using crowd funding and open innovation.

The site lets just anybody post funding requests on its homepage, and (as always) those who can dream up the best pitches will walk away victorious that much sooner.

And features like a calendar of events and a section spotlighting the coolest startups that have emerged simply make the site stand as an even more informative resource all around. In Their Own Words

Connecting minds, funding ideas!

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very easy for any entrepreneur to get on his own two feet sooner than it would take him by any other means.

Some Questions About

Is this a worldwide platform?