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CocktailZen.comI have the perfect site for those of you who want to take a mental break from this sullen winter weather, and who wish you are lying at some tropical beach. This site will let you come up with one of the defining elements of such a setting: a killer cocktail.

Cocktail Zen includes nothing but recipes for cocktails and mix drinks, and these are browseable in lots of ways. You can look for cocktails that have specific ingredients (such as orange juice or vodka), and you can even look for these fanciful cocktails that are lit up before being consumed. They are a bit too much for me, but those of you who feel adventuresome-enough will have it made…

Additionally, you can see all the most popular (and best rated) cocktails at once, and also the ones that have been added more recently to the database. And it is likewise possible to see only the ones that were added a long time ago. Whatever keeps the party from faltering. In Their Own Words

Relax, have a drink.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site has enough recipes to keep the wildest part going until the break of day, and some time after that too.

Some Questions About

On average, how expensive are these cocktails to make?