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Citadel is a credit union that was started in 1937 for workers of the Lukens Steel Company. The credit union eventually grew in scope, until it covered most of Pennsylvania. And now, its more than 150,000 customers can manage their accounts on


This site lets them create and close accounts, buy CDAs (Certificates Of Deposit), apply for loans and mortgages, and make payments online.

Citadel offers a wide variety of accounts, and these include not only checking and savings accounts, but also money market accounts and IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts).

And as far as the loans that you can get on this site are concerned, then you can apply for personal loans as easily as you can apply for auto loans and home equity loans. And on you also have access to insurance and investment services. You’ll be able to create a portfolio, check quotes, view charts and place trades with the help of experts that will guide you all along the way.

Something that must be mentioned to avoid misunderstandings is that the site for Citadel was previously If you visit it now, you’ll be immediately redirected to, but it’s good to point that out just in case you had bookmarked Citadel’s previous site.


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