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CareersCatalyst.comThe Careers Catalyst website is the right resource to check if you have just completed University and you are looking for your first job as a graduate. That is tricky if only because there are thousands in your same position out there, and you will all have the same qualifications.

When that happens, the one getting the job is the one who can create the most noteworthy resume, and who can handle the interview better when it comes to that decisive instance.

That is something this website makes very simple. It will provide Generation Y-ers with all the necessary knowledge to create resumes that stand from the crowd, and it will also enable them to sit through even the trickiest job interviews and cause the best possible impression.

In addition to this invaluable information, the site provides a full list of employers and job postings, and featured graduate jobs are always highlighted on its main page. Employers are actually arranged thematically, and some of the many categories which are provided include “Engineering & Manufacturing”, “Law”, “Investment Banking” and “Marketing & PR”.

And a discussion forum is likewise included to let site users interact among themselves to the full, and discuss (and form) their own job-hunting strategies. In Their Own Words

“Featuring all of the hottest tips and tricks to standing out among the crowd and push your resume to the top of the pile. Know what sector you want to work in? find your ideal job now!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let any graduate student have a much clearer chance of getting a first job that will actually let him put his skills and knowledge to good use.

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How will the site advertise itself?