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If you’re looking for an accurate way to realize how much any car that you’re thinking of buying is really worth, then Black Book is for you. The company is one of the most popular providers of vehicle pricing in the United States. It was actually founded in 1955, and its data is currently published daily by National Auto Research, in a bid to assist people who are trying to find the best vehicles at the fairest prices. And all that data is also made available on the company’s website,


The site lets you check prices by category, and these include “New Car & Light Truck”, “Used Car & Light Truck”, “Recreational Vehicles”, “Medium & Heavy Duty Values” and “Collectible Vehicles”. And there’s even a “Motorcycle & Powersports” category – Black Book’s appeal goes well beyond cars.

What’s’ more, Black Book has developed a wealth of different mobile application. iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7, BlackBerry, Palm… no major smartphone has actually been neglected.

And those who have their own dealer websites can add the company’s conversion tools to their pages, and let customers realize the cars they are listing are actually every bit as good as it is claimed . If you are a car dealer, just check this link to get started.


Author : Bill Webb

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