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Betista.comBetista makes challenging your friends the easiest and funniest thing in the world. This site enables anybody to create his own bets, and have them hosted on pages of their own to which they can invite all their friends to. Once they are there, they can proceed to wager their bets, and the ones who win are receiving a given amount of prize points. These will let them climb higher and higher on the provided leader board.

A site such as this one has obviously been created for people who love sports, as they will be able to bet on the outcome of any game, and then brag about their foresight in the case they get it all right and do indeed nail the result. Yet, something like Betista is also suitable to people who love movies, and who want to bet on casting decisions and the quality of upcoming releases. For example, lovers of comics can resort to a site like this one to wager bets on how good “The Dark Knight Rises” is going to be, and say whether you think Nolan is going to score a hat-trick or not in the end.

Granted, these are leisure-based uses. But Betista can be more than just a fun service. There is no reason why people should refrain from making bets on political issues, for example. And such bets would be a great starting point for some more serious debates. In Their Own Words

Create your own bets and challenge your friends or the whole world. Bet now on facebook for free. Which side are you on?

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How will this service evolve? What sets it apart from websites such as Smarkets?