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BBNM.orgTalented students the world over rejoice. This new platform is here to let you become connected with recruiters looking for people with your skills and determination.

BBNM is built around a crowdsourcing concept. On this site, students can collaborate and solve problems posed by companies and organizations, and show everybody how bright they are. In exchange for their input, they will receive work opportunities at these organizations that have chosen to use this site as a recruitment platform.

As far as students are concerned, this site can only be joined by those attending any of the schools that are part of the BBNM network. An email address provided by any of these schools is mandatory for creating an account.

And companies can browse through the database of registered users, look through their qualifications, and invite the ones that seem promising to work at specific projects. User profiles on BBNM actually highlight more than the actual qualifications – they make it very clear the abilities the user has. In Their Own Words

A platform for global talent.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site lets young and promising students start shining and showcasing their skills as early as possible.

Some Questions About

Which regions of the US are better-represented so far?