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The name of Auto Round-up is one that every person who is into cars knows very well. The company publishes a series of magazines that are focused on everything from classic cars and trucks to street rods and antique cars. These magazines let people both find vehicles for sale right where they live, and sell any car they no longer have a use (or a room) for. And on this site, all that can be done online. lets you easily list your own car for sale by placing an ad, and also take a good look at these vehicles that others are selling. Plus, the site lets you look for auto parts, and buy the ones that you like right away.

Posting a words ad can be done for free, whereas the cost of a photo ad depends on how many images you want the listing to include, and (also) on the number of issues you want your ad to be featured in. Pricing starts at $19.95.

And as it was to be expected, the site provides a series of services aimed at the ones who already buy any of Auto Round-up publications. These can subscribe to their favorite magazines online, for example (see here). And business owners who want to advertise their own products on any of Auto Round-up publications will also manage to do that on the site; this link includes all the necessary information.


Author : Caroline Bright

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