– The News Online is a website that allows individuals to access any news story fro anywhere around the world. There is a search bar on the page, used to type in a key word. When accessing a story, there may be several different versions of the same headline from many different papers. This way, people can compare and contrast the different writing and editing styles of reporters. They can also check the stories for true and false information – this is a great resource for journalism students.

With these stories available to persons on the internet, it eliminates the need for physical paper production. Journalist students may literally check for any story in any country of the world, including third world countries where reporters travel to check on financial and living conditions. These are hot stories for many people, and are a make-or-break for careers in the industry. has its newspapers broken up into continents, making the search for a story from a specific country easier, when just browsing. The site also has some of the hottest stories featured on the main page, for persons who are simply curious about what is going on in the world. Those who are interested in stocks may search for news in Europe and Asia, as those two continents are the largest competitors with the United States. enables users to register and make a customized page, so that readers can keep up with which newspapers are most frequently referenced, and keep track of what has and has not been read.

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