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AdWorks.orgThe Arapahoe Douglas Works program is a workforce center which provides free services to businesses as well as individuals looking for a job through their website at The website is a resource and an intermediary between businesses and people. “Adworks” is actually an acronym wherein the first two letters of the word stand for “Arapahoe” and “Douglas” and hence the name “Adworks.” Since the services are provided free of cost, this workforce center is funded publicly. The website also contains a small tool located beside the search box which is meant for the purpose of increasing and decreasing the size of the font in order to aid those who have difficulty in reading the content of the website.


This Adworks website features an array of tools which can be used by local job-seekers for the purpose of finding out resources related to job searches. Individuals can make use of the personal employment counseling services and training assistance provided by workforce center. The individuals looking for jobs can also go to workshops which help them understand self-directed job searches in order to perform them in a better way.

Adworks also provides their services to businesses located in Denver for the purpose of ensuring that these enterprises have a skilled workforce and that they remain economically competitive in the industry. The main motive and mission of Adworks is to become a top notch workforce development organization which helps meet the dynamic needs of the industry as well as the job seekers.

In order to understand the services offered to job seekers as well as businesses in details one can visit the section “our services” under the “about us” tab of the Adworks website. If you are looking to use the website for your business or organization then you need to go to the “business” tab of the website. On the other hand, if you are a job seeker then the right place for you would be the “job seekers” tab. For resources, visitors should click on the “resources” tab.


Author : Caroline Bright

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