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Here is a window to discover your competitors’ marketing strategies. is a new service that will tell you what other companies similar to yours are doing to promote themselves over the internet.

Each time you see an ad on some website, you can know that a certain company chose to publish it there. However, you don’t get to know other details. The banner may be there because of a direct purchase of that space, or otherwise because an advertising agency is managing the whole campaign for your competitor.

What strategies are they really using, then? This is what will show you, adding a lot of transparency to the advertising market.

The service requires a subscription, but you can sign up for a trial period. When you want to know who is advertising on some website, and through which campaigns, Adclarity will display a chart with a lot of details.

The chart shows you in the first place a site analysis with the amount of mediators, advertisers and campaigns it has. Other sections will then give you more thorough information. For example, you will be able to see the list of mediators and advertisers for each site displayed on a table view, other sites in the same category, their amount of unique visitors, etc.

As well, you get to see a column graph with the statistical share of each advertiser for a certain site. There is also the chance to see different stats for a site according to its location (defined by countries). You can submit sites to be included under the monitoring activity of Adclarity, subject to approval by the guys in charge, of course.

All these tools make a site to take into account for finding information about the market in which you work. Information is, after all, the most sought after asset in the world of business. In Their Own Words

Media Intelligence on the display advertising of your customers, partners, and competitors.
Reveal online strategies. Unveil campaign statistics and data. Get actionable insights.

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