search cancel – Changing The World Using Twitter is a website that aims to use Twitter as a catalyst for change. In essence, the site makes it possible to create petitions and have them signed by other twitterers.


Petitions are created by signing in using your Twitter credentials, writing down what the petition consists of, and then choosing the ones you want to send it to.

The site includes a list of all the most popular petitions right now in the section name Petitions Catching Fire, whereas another section (Smokin Recruiters) highlights these twitterers that are more effective when it comes to creating petitions that are actually supported by others. The site also keeps open statistics of all the petitions that have been created so far, how many tweets have been sent, and how many responses have actually materialized.

Needless to say, is free to use. You can head to the site right now and start as many petitions as you want. Just make sure you are not creating a duplicate one – that would only dilute the effect of the cause you want to support. In Their Own Words

Start a Twitter petition in seconds.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an instant way of gaining supporters for any cause that you have always championed.

Some Questions About

How successful can this site become?


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