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Web.Startups.comAs I am sure you know, KillerStartups is actually part of a bigger family of sites. These include Startups, Stimator and Dataopedia.

The first is a Q & A community for business users, while the other two are resources that give you a good insight on how much a site is valued and how does it stand in terms of daily traffic respectively.

Well, at you will be able to access the information provided by all our sites in a centralized way. That is, you will be able to read the full KillerStartups review while being informed about the site’ price and its current daily traffic. You are then provided with a list of sites that could be deemed as related, and you are presented with a selection of the best questions and answers from that are connected in any way or the other with that specific site.

I don’t have to tell you how advantageous being able to access all that information from one unified location is. If you are used to reading KillerStartups regularly, you might as well give a try and see if you like such an approach too.

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