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ZoomShift.comCombining a great interface with a truly excellent set of features, ZoomShift is the perfect tool for the scheduling of employees. This web-based application lets you have schedules created and shared in the easiest of ways. You just create an account (it costs nothing), invite all your employees one by one, and then you can begin having schedules created on the spot.


ZoomShift lets you see at a glance who’s available to work what shift, and employees always have the chance to swap shifts among themselves. In this way, you’re ensured all the shifts you’ve created will be covered. The site makes it so simple to have shifts swapped that there’s always going to be someone around. And you’ll know all about it – you (as the manager) will always be kept on the loop.

Registration to the site costs nothing, and you can try the service for free for 30 days. Three different plans are available (“Basic”, “Plus+” and “Premium”), and these cover the needs of companies big and small. They are charged $25, $50 and $75 each. The “Basic” plan can handle up to 40 employees per month, the “Plus+” plan 100 and the “Premium” plan 200. In Their Own Words

Web-based scheduling software for managing employee availability, creating schedules, and swapping shifts.

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Leaving aside the number of employees it can handle, which other advantages has the “Premium” plan got?


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