Ziink.com – Browser Extension For Craigslist

Ziink.comNotwithstanding how popular and useful it is, Craigslist could certainly do with a better UI, and some further ways of following these ads that look promising. Well, while we wait for an official update there is a browser extension like Ziink that should suffice for the time being.

Available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, Ziink basically adds a whole slew of options for saving and interacting with ads featured on Craigslist. These include being able to preview ads without having to click on them, follow up on the ones which you like, and also make as many notes as you wish.

Plus, Ziink can notify you whenever ads that match your original search criteria become listed, so that you are saved the hassle of browsing Craigslist every two days to find if anything remotely interesting has become available.

This browser extension is not only very helpful, it is actually available completely for free. Three links are provided on the Ziink website, one for each browser that is supported. Installation is quick and painless.

Ziink.com In Their Own Words

Craigslist Helper is a browser extension that makes using Craigslist easier and more productive. It makes finding the ads you are searching for easier. Follow up on the ads, keep notes related to an ad, preview the ad text and images without any clicking, bookmark the ads and more.

Why Ziink.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a sure way to make searches on Craigslist far more fruitful and contextualized.

Some Questions About Ziink.com

Are all three browsers supported to the same extent? Ziink.com