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YouWild.orgYouWild allows you to morph photos of yourself, family members, friends or animals into endangered wildlife animals right before your very eyes. After you upload your photo of choice, you can choose one of many imperiled animals, such as wolf cubs, tigers or bats, to change your photo into the animal you have chosen.


YouWild is brought to you by Defenders of Wildlife, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting endangered wildlife and its habitat. After you create your morph, you are encouraged to send it to friends and family to continue the education of imperiled animals. The website also offers many other ways you can get involved, such as sending a petition to the US president or adopting an endangered animal. They also offer a page where you can donate money to Defenders of Wildlife, which was voted as America’s Best Wildlife Charity by Reader’s Digest. Finally, there’s a Hall of Fame where you can view the best morphs to continue having fun while educating yourself about protecting our vanishing wildlife community. In Their Own Words

“The goal of is to engage and educate people about the continuing threat to wolves, tigers and other imperiled wildlife. Visitors to the site can morph themselves — or a friend, family member or pet — into an imperiled animal of their choice. By offering a fun way to learn about imperiled wildlife, we hope to encourage folks to help save these beloved critters and protect our vanishing wild places.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

YouWild is a fun and interesting way of getting involved and making a difference in protecting our natural wildlife. It’s a site where children and adults alike can come together to educate and enjoy themselves in the process. However, the morphing application gets old pretty fast. It would be great for YouWild to create an application that allows the viewer to create unique kinds of photos with the animal combined instead of just a virtual morph. This is a great site to encourage children’s participation but I doubt that adults would want to spend too much energy morphing personal photos into endangered animals.

Some Questions About

Can YouWild include other applications of combining photos with animals? Can there be more interactive games and activities on the site to further the education process? For those who don’t like to just donate money, can YouWild offer available volunteer opportunities throughout the United States?


Author : Caroline Bright

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