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YouCaring.comYouCaring is the newest platform that makes creating a page for raising funds online really easy. Any person who signs up for a YouCaring account is enabled to create a personalized profile, telling the world what he wants to raise funds for. It can be just anything – funds for tuition, for supporting a charity, for a specific event… YouCaring pages suit all these contexts. And the uses of YouCaring don’t end there, as it’s even possible to create a page for something as specific as raising funds for adopting a child. So, this is a service whose applications range from letting non-profits draw attention to their causes to the most personal of uses.

As it was only to be expected, YouCaring pages can come with as many photos as the user deems as necessary for getting his message across. And the actual way in which donations are collected is certainly well-implemented, as funds go directly into the PayPal account of the one who has created the page.

If this sounds like the kind of service that you (or any non-profit that you work for) could use, then you’d be glad to know that YouCaring is a free service. You’ll be able to sign up for an account absolutely for free, and create as many pages as causes you’ve got to promote. In Their Own Words

YouCaring is a free fundraising website, created for individuals wanting to raise funds for medical fundraising, tuition fundraising, adoption fundraising, mission trips and more. It provides you with a simple and organized way to implement your fundraiser ideas and achieve, or exceed your fundraising goals.

It also functions as a fundraising support system and community, offering you everything from fundraiser ideas about getting started, to information-packed blogs.

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