YOMTicket.com – Remind People They Owe You

YOMTicket.comYOM (You Own Me) is a new online ticketing platform that you can use to remind any friend or family member that owes you money of the debt that remains to be fulfilled. The idea is to let you all get even, without risking to sound overbearing or angry at him other for not having paid the debt sooner. A You Own Me ticket works on that level since it is a simple reminder that is sent via email, and that is as neutral as one such communication could possibly be.

These email notifications can be scheduled for whenever you want, and at the frequency that you see fit, too. You can have daily, weekly and monthly reminders send out.

And there is no registration process of any kind to go through. Tickets are created directly, using a simple interface that lets you specify how much (or what) is owed to you, and by whom. When the ticket is ready, you just activate it and it will be sent out when the time comes.

YOMTicket.com In Their Own Words

Helps getting even.

Why YOMTicket.com It Might Be A Killer

It is interesting because it will let you remind people that they owe you without sounding unpleasant.

Some Questions About YOMTicket.com

What would it take for this platform to become popular? YOMTicket.com