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YesFollow.infoWhat is your take on Twitter as a promotional tool? A wonderful invention, or something that entails too much effort and that yields results that are not really tangible in comparison? I ask because this is a site that will cater for both groups. Yes Follow will give people who are already partial to tweeting out their promotions a lot of added push, whereas advertisers who are aloof to using Twitter owing to the time it takes will get a chance to interact with others more automatically.

In essence, Yes Follow is a social management tool that will take care of following all the people who are following you, and that you are not currently following.

Obviously, we are talking about a tool that is meant to be used by power users. Someone who has a Twitter account just because he wants to keep in touch with his closest friends is not getting anything out of this. He will already be following all the people who follow him. But for people who put Twitter to commercial uses, this is certainly a good way to start building new bonds. In Their Own Words

Follow Your Twitter Followers Back With One Single Click.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who understand the importance that Twitter can have when marketing any product will use this more than willingly.

Some Questions About

How many people can you automatically follow at once?