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XVerify.comWe can define xVerify as a data verification system that works entirely in real time. If you have an online store and you use this service, you will be able to verify that the people who are keen on doing businesses with you are who they actually claim to be. And the same goes for the people that approach you with a job offer after having come across your work on any website, or after having had a look at your Facebook profile. xVerify turns that into a really simple task, as all you have to do is to furnish what data you have about that person in order to have it cross-referenced and verified.

Currently, five different checks can be conducted on the site: email verifications, phone verifications, address verifications, name verifications and IP verifications. The first three of these services come at a cost, while name and IP verifications are free to all and sundry.

Plus, those of you who are webmasters will be able to and let visitors verify data in real time by getting and installing the provided widget.

XVerify.com In Their Own Words

Real-time data verification system.

Why XVerify.com It Might Be A Killer

Such a service makes for always knowing if people who contact you are who they really claim to be.

Some Questions About XVerify.com

How long does a full check usually take? XVerify.com