– Take Your Desktop With You

Mobility is going to define the computer experience in the years to come, and WorldDesk is one of the most interest startups for the free transfer of files between devices. What this company does is to “decouple” your Windows workspace or desktop, and let you take your files with you wherever you go. This is done by using a proprietary abstraction layer that frees all the aspects of your Microsoft Windows workspace from the underlying OS and device, so that you can have your data moved from one place to the other as if there were no barriers.


And the best thing about WorldDesk is that it lets you access more than just your files. You can actually access your full desktop, with all its settings and user preferences intact. And (what’s even cooler) with all its apps the way you have installed them.

You can carry this personalized desktop with you on just any device. And that includes not only iPads and iPhones but also USB drives.


So, WorldDesk puts an end to having to take your laptop with you all the time just to be able to use your computer in the way you like best.


And ever since last February, WorldDesk integrates with DropBox. This means that you can access your desktop in the cloud, so that if you don’t have a smartphone or any storage device around to carry your data around then that won’t be a problem. And as a nice plus, this also means that you won’t have to worry about doing regular backups any longer. Your data will always be safe on your private WorldDesk space.


The WorldDesk Team At CES 2012

As of the time of writing this, WorldDesk supports Windows XP and every version of Windows 7 that’s commercially available. Rao Cherukuri (WorldDesk’s CEO) is more than optimistic that Windows 8 will be supported shortly after its general release. And the company has also got internal demos on Android.


You can download the latest version of WorldDesk here.