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WorkforceTrack.comThis new application offers all that a team manager could need in order to bring out the best in his workforce. This web-based tool can be used for creating projects and distributing tasks in a really straightforward way, as well as for taking care of CRM, accounting and HRMS.

Workforce Track has an elegant interface that will let the manager see exactly who is working on what at any moment, and change priorities on the fly, according to how close or far milestones are perceived. And customized alerts can be set down when certain thresholds are crossed.

Workforce Track can be tried for free during seven days. Then, there are three different paid versions of the service (Basic, Plus and Premium). Basically, each comes with support for a different number of users. There are not that many differences when it comes to the actual features that are offered. They are mostly the same in each and every case. In Their Own Words

Track your work. Simplify.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a flexible project management tool, letting you track as many users and projects as you might possibly need.

Some Questions About

Besides being limited to seven days, in which other ways is the free plan restricted?