Wolty.com – Share The Words You Learn

Wolty.comWolty is a new language acquisition platform that will let you create a sort of notebook where you can write down all the things that you discover, right as you discover them. This notebook will be shared with all the friends you choose to be part of the language learning process with you. They will be able to comment on the notes that you make, and also make notes of their very own (to which you will be able to comment in turn).

When signing up for the service, you are given the chance to make it clear which is your native language, and which languages you are more interested in learning. This information is actually very important since you can learn as many as you want at the very same time, and the way everything works you can follow people that are not your friends in real life.

That is, Wolty will let you study languages with people the world over – people that are not really part of your everyday life, but that share your passion and commitment for any given language. What better chance to broaden your horizons?

Wolty.com In Their Own Words

A language notebook for you and your friends to post your notes and help each other

Why Wolty.com It Might Be A Killer

Languages are social by definition, so a site that lets you learn them collectively can be but interesting.

Some Questions About Wolty.com

What about languages with alphabets which are not the Roman one? How is that handled? Wolty.com