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Wikisend.comFiles. No doubt you’ve got lots of them.


Some of them merely sit on your desktop, waiting to be reopened, while others are shared and sent to colleagues, friends, lovers, schoolmates, and family. For whatever your file sharing needs there’s Wikisend. Simple, uncomplicated—two words that get straight to the heart of Wikisend. The details: you can upload files of up to 100MB. You can password protect your files, set lifetimes of up to 90 days, and you can choose to receive your link via email. But that’s not all. With Wikisend, you can ship off files to your Myspace profile, your favorite forum, and your blog. You can also download files, if you have the file ID. No registrations, downloads or installations are required. In Their Own Words

“Upload and download lots of files, big files, small files, data files, media files, archives or backups – any files. With Wikisend it`s simple and free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

In the file sharing business, complexity is verboten. If it’s too much of a head trip, no one will approach it. Wikisend’s intuitive—easy but not painfully simple. It’s lightweight and elegant.

Some Questions About

This is just one of many, many simple applications. How will Wikisend differentiate from the rest enough to get people interested? Will they provide more organizational tools for your files? Larger upload limits?


Author : Siri Marshall

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