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WhoAPI.comRifScan, AddFreeStats, SurCentro… there’s no end to the number of services that let you know domain-specific information. But there are times in which things need to get even more specific. And that’s when a service like WhoAPI is going to save the day. WhoAPI is your best bet when it comes to getting advanced domain data such as structured whois information, spam blacklists and server uptime from nodes located all over the world. It’s all pretty heady stuff, I know. But that’s the point of this service, and you knew you would be getting all that just by looking at the title of this review. And if you chose to read it, then it was because such things were the ones you were looking for.

This service can be tested for free, with you being able to sign up for a trial that gives you 30 basic queries per day. And this plan (which is named “Private”) also gives you 20 rich queries per day, along with 10 advanced queries. The three paid plans that are offered take these numbers up all the way to 300,000 basic queries, 200,000 rich queries and 100,000 advanced queries. That’s the most expensive plan (“Professional”), and it costs $490 per month. The other two paid plans are “Basic” ($49) and “Standard” ($190).

WhoAPI.com In Their Own Words

Get advanced domain data like structured whois, domain availability, spam blacklists check, server uptime from all our world wide nodes and many more valuable data. All that in XML and JSON well-structured fields, easily parsed with php, .net, ruby and other programming languages.

Some Questions About WhoAPI.com

What other uses has this service got? Leaving aside webmasters, who else could benefit from it? WhoAPI.com