WhereHaveIBeen.info – A Map Showing All Your Travels

WhereHaveIBeen.infoA site that can be much better, Where Have I Been will let people who have traveled a lot create a printable map with all the destinations that they have been to. This is done by clicking on the relevant territories on a provided interactive map and coloring them one by one.

Once they have finished, the map can be saved as a printer-friendly PDF, or it can be saved on a URL of its very own that can then be shared with whomever the user want over Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Alternatively, people can use the site to highlight these countries that they hope to visit someday. The process is exactly the same as above – the user clicks on the corresponding countries, and once he has highlighted all the territories that apply he can print the map, or spread it around the Social Web.

And note that in both cases you can proceed to select the pertinent countries by checking the boxes that are provided at the bottom of the site. These are arranged by continent.

The one feature that the site is crying out for is giving people the chance to do something more than highlighting countries on the map. Some commenting/photo sharing capabilities wouldn’t go amiss at all, and hopefully the programmer will see to that soon.

WhereHaveIBeen.info In Their Own Words

“Where In the World Have You Been All Your Life?”

Why WhereHaveIBeen.info It Might Be A Killer

The idea is not bad, and once the user becomes capable of creating richer maps it will all start gelling together.

Some Questions About WhereHaveIBeen.info

When is the next update scheduled for? WhereHaveIBeen.info