Wemplets.com – Listing Templates For Craiglist

Wemplets.comHas Craiglist become an important source of income for you? If that is the case, then a site like Wemplets can turn out to be an invaluable resource. Essentially, it provides anybody with listing templates for Craiglist that can be procured and used for free, and without any kind of limitation.

These templates are actually what give the site its name (“Wemplets” stands for “Web templates”), and they will let you get all the required fields ready within minutes. Additionally, they will enable you to feature up to 15 pictures as part of any listing that you are creating. And once a listing has been put together, it can be spread through Twitter and Facebook.

It is blatantly obvious that this service is aimed at people who use Craiglist on a daily basis, but I feel the interface which is provided is also going to let newcomers have a smoother Craiglist experience in general. Everything is so plain and simple that they have no chances of getting anything wrong.

Wemplets.com In Their Own Words

“Free Craiglist listing templates.”

Why Wemplets.com It Might Be A Killer

Those who depend on Craiglist for a sizable part of their regular income will find such a service quite well-focused.

Some Questions About Wemplets.com

What if you need to upload more than 15 pictures? Wemplets.com