WebPutty.net – Edit CSS Online

WebPutty.netSelf defined as “a simple CSS editing and hosting service”, WebPutty can be used for free by all those who sign up for the service in its current early stage. WebPutty stands a really versatile editor that comes with full preview capabilities, and that can have CSS published both with minification compression and automatic cache control. And the fact of being usable straight from the browser also goes into taking its practicality quotient higher. When you launch WebPutty, your browser becomes the editor and the preview pane comes built-in. And they work in conjunction, as any CSS selector you click on will result in the elements that go with it being highlighted on the preview pane.

WebPutty can be set up by adding two tags (a link tag and a script tag) to the end of your own site’s element. That will be it. No need to deal with repositories or media servers of any kind, or to update remote file systems. And since changes are instantly implemented, no need to restart your web app whenever you want to see how any change actually translates into practice.

WebPutty.net In Their Own Words

WebPutty is a simple CSS editing and hosting service.

Some Questions About WebPutty.net

Will people who are completely new to CSS find it easy to use? Or do users need to have a certain proficiency in order to get the best out of it? WebPutty.net