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Viralogy.comA site that tours itself as a provider of “analytics for people”, Viralogy is nothing more and nothing less that one of these popular resources that enable you to measure your level of social relevance. That is, through the site you will be able to determine how influential you are in the social web by way of a provided rank.

The site enables you to carry out searches both by the name of the person and by the title of any blog or site that you might be interested in, and there is also an “Add Your Blog” box for you to become part of the featured database.

Upon carrying out a search you will come across information like the number of followers that the person has, and you will be capable of seeing the number of visitors that his blog or site has per month.

In addition to that, you will be able to compare one person with the other and also realize who should you contact in case you want to launch a campaign to promote your personal brand and monetize your blog. In Their Own Words

“Viralogy is the Social Media Rank, and we measure how influential everyone is on the internet based on a variety of social media metrics. You can think of us as Analytics for people, not websites.

You can find many websites on the internet that measure influence for Twitter, for your blog, for Facebook and other social media sites. Viralogy takes a step back and looks at an individual, not a profile. We believe a person’s presence on the entire social web is what truly matters, not how involved they are on a single website.

You can see how you rank up again your friends, how two of your idols compare with each other, or who you should contact for your marketing campaigns.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets anybody promote himself within the social web, and measure the results of such an effort.

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