vHelp.me – Automating Customer Care

vHelp.mevHelpMe offers an automated way to deal with the queries of customers right on your site. Essentially, this system works by letting you individualize these questions that you already know that your customers are going to ask repeatedly (or that you can picture them asking if you are just launching), and getting emotionally-intelligent agents that will take care of dealing with them.

And the implementation of this service couldn’t actually be easier, as you will be provided with a widget for embedding into your site once you have individualized the basic questions that the agents will have to deal with.

Three paid plans are currently available. They go by the names of “Basic”, “Professional” and “Business”. Each comes with its own numbers of supported chat sessions per month (500, 5000 and 10000 respectively), and their reporting capabilities are different. For example, only the “Business” plan has got advanced care analytics.

In any case, the three featured plans come with the very same degree of customization and branding. And all three of them can be tried for free, too.

vHelp.me In Their Own Words

“Chat with your visitors, clear their doubts, address their concerns.”

Why vHelp.me It Might Be A Killer

It will let you look after your customers in a cost-friendly way that doesn’t actually sacrifice the quality of the service you are providing at all.

Some Questions About vHelp.me

Which languages are supported? vHelp.me