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uTales.comI grew up with picture books, and I’ll never forget how much they entertained me and educated me. There was something incredibly magical about them. I guess that the main reason I remember them so fondly is because of how they created a true connection between me and my father. And kids today aren’t getting that. Books have now been displaced by software and applications that many parents feel ill at ease with. So, anything that can update picture books and make them remain popular with children (and by extension their fathers) is more than welcome.

uTales is one such service. It gives you access to quality digital picture books that you can read with your children. These books are easy to open and browse, and they are fully interactive. They’ll let you and your children become actively involved in what you’re reading. And if you’re on the creative side, you can go all the way and build a story yourself, to be read with your children at bedtime on your tablet.

The site actually lets you sell the stories that you create to other parents. So, not only will uTales.com let you create something to share with your kids, it will also let you generate an income by marketing your own creative work. And (just as importantly), make children all over the world happy with your own stories.

uTales.com In Their Own Words

uTales is a world of digital picture books for kids. We?re trying to make the world better for kids – one story at a time.

Some Questions About uTales.com

How much are you allowed to charge for your stories? How is that determined? Is the price of a story set down according to how interactive it is? uTales.com