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UserThought.comA fluid communication with customers is the true cornerstone for success. Knowing what your public want is the prerequisite for giving it to them. That applies to just any kind of business or venture. Websites are no exception to that golden rule. But webmasters have got one clear advantage when it comes to analyzing the way in which people are reacting to their sites thanks to services like UserThought – services that let them know how people are reacting to the content and designs they are favoring in quasi-real time.

UserThought lets visitors highlight the content they like (or don’t) on your site, and in addition to showing you these highlighted pieces of content the service allows users to provide their own feedback on anything they’ve highlighted.

These feedback analytics can then be incorporated with your current web analytics, and by taking all that data into account you should be able to start giving the ones who are paying your wages the kind of content they will react more keenly to. In Their Own Words

Customer feedback management & analytics for your website.

Some Questions About

Can this also be used when it comes to blogs? Or are blogging platforms excluded altogether?