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UsableHealth.comUsable Health is a comprehensive web-based service that will let you move closer to achieving your nutrition goals.

Employing evidence-based practices and medical principles, Usable Health is capable of producing a full set of ?food swaps? for anybody. The user is requested to specify his exact goals along with personal information like his weight, height and age for Usable Health to come up with a personalized profile detailing what to do in order to achieve these goals.

The profiles that Usable Health can create are incredibly detailed, as the actual physical activity of the user is taken into account along with the data mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The actual goals that are available for the user to choose include losing weight, maintaining weight and building muscles. And it is also possible to come up with combinations.

Currently, Usable Health supports almost a hundred different restaurants all over the US along with more than 15 frozen food brands. And one of the most interesting aspects of Usable Health is that soon restaurants will be able to implement its food recommendation system by adding touch screens. Customers will be able to specify their dietary goals right there and then. In Their Own Words

Healthy decisions made easy.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way the whole application works, people from all backgrounds and with all different kind of aims would benefit from it.

Some Questions About

When will these touch screens be adopted massively?