TypeWith.me – Create A Document With Others

TypeWith.meTypeWith.Me is a new tool that makes online collaboration an easier proposition for all concerned parties.

In general terms, the site will empower just anybody to create a document and edit it along with others at the very same time. The main asset of this service might as well be its malleability, as people don’t even have to create an account to begin collaborating. You (as the document’s creator) will be provided with a URL that you can put about. The act of sharing it with someone equals inviting that person to collaborate on the document. And although all the documents created using this site are public, if you don’t spread the URL nobody will see or access the document.

Upon joining in the action, each collaborator will have a color assigned to him, so that any changes that he makes will be easily identifiable. The maximum number of collaborators per project is 15, by the way.

The document can not only be saved whenever you want, but any older version can be retrieved if you or any of your friends got carried away and strayed from the original aim. That is all the more useful when there are more than 2 or 3 editors working at the same time – anything can happen far too quickly. Having the option to revert it all as far back as you want gives this useful (and free) tool and even more-realized aura on the whole.

TypeWith.me In Their Own Words

“Will you type with me?”

Why TypeWith.me It Might Be A Killer

It makes collaborating with others an instant and truly flexible task.

Some Questions About TypeWith.me

Which output formats are supported? TypeWith.me