– IM-ing gadget

TwitKu.comTwitKu is an IM-ing gadget that gives you the option to maintain another account with Jaiku, a similar service, and monitor your TwitKu and Jaiku accounts on the same page with TwitKu┬┤s web application. Once you have installed its program, your accounts are more manageable and more easily accessible in a number of ways.

For some examples, you can simultaneously post a single message to both accounts, click on the “Twitter” or “Jaiku” links next to the radio button to go to that site, click on the “Twitter” or “Jaiku” tabs to toggle between your user and public streams, hit “Restore Last Message” in order to place the text of the last posted message, see compact URLs (e.g.,,, etc.) shown as their full original URL, turn URLs into clickable links, see your Flickr photo page links as a thumbnail, and see foreign characters.

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