– Coupling Twitter With Email

TweetToEmail.comBy now, mostly everybody is on Twitter. However, there are people who remain aloof to the phenomenon.

And while that is respectable, it can also be problematic when you are sending out a tweet with information like an updated time to meet and so on. How could you let that friend or friends who are not on Twitter know about the way plans have changed without having to contact each one individually? Easy. This service takes care of that, and in a time-effective way.

In principle, it will let you send tweets straight to anybody’s e-mail address by merely adding a hashtag to the tweet. This hashtag tells Tweet To Email to send the tweet to a group of people that you have individualized beforehand.

It is as simple as that, really. Nothing out of the ordinary, but something that can keep the frustration of contacting people individually a true thing of the past. And that likelihood is increased since all the major email services on the market today such as Gmal and Hotmail are fully covered by Tweet To Email. In Their Own Words

“Twitter to email service.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

We all have a friend or two that is not on Twitter, and who can slow down meetings and gatherings because he is left out of notifications. This makes that conundrum vanish in thin air.

Some Questions About

Is there a limit to the number of people you can contact at the same time using this?