– Sharing Content On The Twitterverse

Tweetshare.comTweetshare is a new resource that aims to let any brand or company create a page that revolves around its own content, and use it as a launching pad to generate the necessary buzz to attract more customers.

That is, using the site you can upload media such as videos and images along with documents like Powerpoint presentations and have all that become part of the Twitterverse with a minimum of effort on your side.

Once the files are up on the Social Web, you can proceed to engage customers who come across them in as many ways as you can imagine, such as starting discussions and making polls.

The list of supported filetypes is expansive enough, so that the majority of users will be able to start uploading their own content right away if they feel like giving it all a try. And note that the service is free, and it will remain like that too. Some premium features like fan pages will be instrumented, but the basic service will always remain inexpensive. In Their Own Words

“Share content on Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it simplifies the process in which content is shared on Twitter, and in which users are engaged as a direct result.

Some Questions About

What other advantages will premium plans have?