– Online Events & Real Time Collaboration

Twebevent.comBeing able to attend different online events and share information about them with others is great. That seems to be one of the main features offered by Twebevent.

com. When it comes to sharing data in real time, you already know that one of the most convent platforms you can use to do that is Twitter. TwebEvent is a system which uses that power and versatility very accurately.

Essentially, it could be said that mashes-up streaming video (no matter if it is live or recorded), and Twitter’s hashtag chats. It will let you employ your media in order to have a collaborative experience. What happens with some online events is that the public cannot interact or collaborate with each other, and it has to remain passive. This service has come to the market in order to change that because it gives you the chance to run a chat over Twitter, picking any hashtag you want.

With this solution you can create as many events as you want and (best of all) you do not have to pay anything in order to attend any of them – this is a totally free service, and anybody can watch a Twebevent without having to pay for the privilege. That makes a service which is interesting in itself all the more appealing. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to twebevent; it’s free and it’s very easy to use. Any media plus Twitter chat is equal to collaborative media.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it gives users the chance to share their opinions and collaborate online while they attend events in real time.

Some Questions About

How is this service going to evolve in the near future? Would not be convenient for this service to be absorbed by a major company?