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Twalaba.comA service that is primarily aimed at those who have friends scattered all throughout the world, Twalaba can be used to find the cheapest possible way to visit them . A Facebook-connected site, Twalaba can take a look at any person you have befriended there, and tell you which the cheapest flight for visiting him is. Twalaba is a true comparison tool that can go through airfare rates for you, and pin the best of the best deals that can be had at any moment in time. And you can instruct the service to keep on looking ahead, too – Twalaba can deliver personalized alerts when the cost of flying somewhere moves within any specific threshold.

And you can decide which friend to actually visit in a really informed way since Twalaba can put your every contact on a map where you can know not only about the cost of the trip, but also about these events that are taking place there and even what the weather is expected to be like at any moment in time. Realizing who to visit will become a far, far less arbitrary task. In Their Own Words

Map your friends, set your travel dates, and discover who you could visit next.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you know when the best time to visit your friends is, both financially and in terms of activities that can be done with them once you get there.

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How popular can this service become?