– Measure The Miles You Have Traveled

TripsQ.comThis is a service not everybody will find handy. The only people who will derive some real uses from it are those who are always traveling, and who spend a reasonable part of their time at airports at that. Basically, what TripsQ can do is to keep count of the times one checks in at such locations, and then track the miles he has traveled like that. Using that information, the service can produce a list of all his trips (complete with itineraries), and highlight how many miles/km the person has traveled in any given month. And TripsQ can even measure the climate impact of the traveler by letting him figure out how much CO2 he has produced during his trips

That is the service as it stands right now. Some features which are meant to be implemented soon will include being able to learn what people who have previously checked at the same airport that you have done in order to maximize their stays at these cities, and also to track some lifestyle variables such as how many miles you have walked, and how much weight you have put on/lost. When these are rolled in, then the service will invariable enlarge its appeal to people who are not frequent travelers. In Their Own Words

TripsQ improves your travel experience turning your check-ins into stats.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who spend their time in and out of airports will get everything put into clear and relatable statistics through such a service.

Some Questions About

How popular/successful can this turn out to be? Will it catch on?