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TribeHR.comTribe HR is the newest HR management tool that has surfaced. It is particularly aimed at small businesses and companies, although larger corporations could also find it worthwhile. By using it, tasks such as posting job openings and actually hiring candidates become much faster both for the company and the candidate. That is something very important, and something that deserved to be mentioned.

As a matter of fact, Tribe HR even comes with all the necessary features to make parting ways with employees a much easier thing.

Tribe HR is available in several different configurations. Teams that are made up by five or less individuals will be able to use Tribe HR for free. And five paid plans are featured, tailoring for just anybody. Each plan comes not only with a maximum number of supported users, but also with its own storage capacity (100 MB in the case of the free plan). Besides, each plan makes for posting a specific amount of job ads only. Plans are billed monthly. In Their Own Words

The easiest way to manage your human resources.

Why It Might Be A Killer

So many plans are provided that mostly anybody will get something out of this.

Some Questions About

What gives it an edge over other applications that do mostly the same?