– Receive Reminders Via Twitter

Tmemo.meTweetMemo is a reminders service which is powered by Twitter. That definition actually gives a lot away – a reminders service that is built upon Twitter has to be something flexible in itself. TweetMemo certainly is, as all that needs to be done for the system to work is send out a tweet, specifying the very same moment that you want to have it put back your way.

Tweets are sent with either @tmemo or #tmemo, and the time that has to elapse before they are sent back again is set down by adding a plus sign along with a temporal reference (IE, 1h for one hour, 45m for forty five minutes… you get the idea).

And as it is only fit, you can have private reminders scheduled. In order to do so, you must follow TweetMemo and send a direct message instead of a simple tweet. The same guidelines that were enumerated above apply – you write down the actual reminder in the body of the tweet, and set down the timeframe using the codes that were just described. In Their Own Words

Tweet base reminder app. Forget forgetting.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter is tailor-made for something like this.

Some Questions About

How many reminders can you set up for the same day? Is there any kind of limitation?