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Tlinker.comThis is an application that you are gong to find more or less useful according to how active you happen to be on the Twitterverse. Yet, regardless of how really useful you find it to be there is absolutely no denying that it deserves kudos for doing something that no other app has ever done before. You see, Tlinker enables people to do more with the links that are shared on Twitter. If you begin using this service (something that can be done for free, and without having to disclose any kind of personally-identifiable information at that) then you will be able to bookmark all the links that have been shared on these tweets that you have received.

This should put a definitive end to the all-too-common occurrence of being unable to find links on tweets that you once opened and liked. This is incredibly frustrating – we all can tell a story of how we spent a lot of time looking for something that we saw on a tweet, never to find it again. Well, this service will make that become a thing of the past.

And there is more to Tlinker than that, as the application can connect tweets together in order to form a single-view conversational pattern. So, it can effectively be said that this is a service which turns the time you spend tweeting into an experience that is more relatable afterwards. In Their Own Words

Tlinker is committed to get you more out of Twitter.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets everybody exert more control over the tweets he receives.

Some Questions About

Which features and functionalities are forthcoming?