TinyLetter.com – Send Email Newsletters For Free

TinyLetter.comThere are more than a handful of companies that will let you create an email newsletter and have it delivered to everybody and his wife. Yet, in the vast majority of cases we are talking about companies that charge a fee for the services that they render.

That is not the case as far as Tiny Letter is concerned. This startup will let you have an email newsletter created and delivered to all and sundry. You simply assemble the publication using the provided interface, and then you tell people to subscribe to it. Those who do will begin receiving it in their inboxes, at the frequency that you set.

This is a service that will mostly appeal to small business owners and individuals who are just getting their companies together, IE people whose budgets are limited. They will be able to start getting the word out on what they do, and they will not have to spend a single cent to do it. Not bad for starters. I mean, look elsewhere if you need some mildly advanced features. But if you are just beginning, this will do.

TinyLetter.com In Their Own Words

Free email newsletter service.

Why TinyLetter.com It Might Be A Killer

The site is free to use, and so simple that just anybody will get the gist of it all within seconds.

Some Questions About TinyLetter.com

Which structural enhancements are to come? TinyLetter.com