– Threaded Twitter Conversations

Threadir.comYou know what’s hateful about Twitter? How hard it is to keep track of what people have been saying ever since a conversation started. Checking your Twitter feed late at night is the same as opening a book halfway. You might read something interesting, but you have no idea what happened before, or how things got that far. And while you can take the book and go straight to the first page and start reading it, there’s no such luck with Twitter. You have to start fishing for what all the people who are part of the conversation that you’re interested in have been saying. And that’s dull, dull, dull.

Threadir is a web app that hopes to do something about that, though. You can use it to create (and share) threads with all your contacts. Using this application means that all the conversations you have will always be free from noise. Your friends will see any thread you create, and jump right in if they feel they have anything to say. And you’ll be able to do the same, too, and quickly see what any discussion is all about before opening your mouth. In Their Own Words

If you use Twitter, you’re often encouraged to “Join the conversation.” This can be difficult at times using Tweets alone. Sometimes you have a lot to say, and sometimes a group of people want to say things to each other. Keeping track of everybody’s comments is difficult with most Twitter clients. Twitter is an incredibly rich source of conversation material, but few clients can actually manage conversations well. This is why we made Threadir (pronounced Threader). Our goal is to help you have fun and productive discussions with your Twitter network.

Some Questions About

Why doesn’t Twitter let you do this “officially”? Won’t that hurt Twitter in the long run?