– A Way Of Filtering The Social Web

TheCadmus.comAs engaging as the social web is, nobody has all day to stay on top of these social media services that he uses frequently. And the fact remains that if you do use the social web, you must be on close terms at least with 3 or 4 of them.

And checking them manually means that you have to scroll through endless pages of posts to find out what’s going on. And I am certainly sure that a significant number of posts are similar among themselves – each time you are logging in, you are sifting through pages of posts that could (and should) be avoided.

The service known as Cadmus aims to fix such a problem by filtering out similar posts, and finding only the relevant ones since your last login. In this way, you are not missing out on what your friends are talking about, and you free enough time as to do other things like bringing online interaction offline and catching up with that friend you only see through Facebook despite living in the same city.

One of the best features of Cadmus includes the ability to detect and display trends. This is particularly useful if you have been off the scene for a couple of days and you wish to come back on track. In Their Own Words

“Cadmus is a real time filtering service that manages your stream (Twitter, FriendFeed and RSS) by displaying the most relevant content since the last time you checked in. It helps you get caught up on what you have missed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who fear they are spending just too long on the social web will be able to have a more focused experience through something like this.

Some Questions About

How much control can you have over the whole filtering process? How many labels can you apply?