TaskJunction.com – Manage Software Projects

TaskJunction.comTaskJunction makes the organization of software projects something easy and pleasurable both for the ones who are in charge. and for the ones making up their actual teams. This service enables users to create an unlimited number of projects, and then begin distributing tasks to all their subordinates. A simple interface enables them to update their statuses as tasks are nearing completion, as well as commenting on all that needs to be done. Obviously, team members can engage each other directly and determine the best way to tackle any difficult assignment that lies in front of them.

For its part, the bosses themselves can measure the performance of their teams via the provided graphs and reports, and start working on ways in which to take productivity higher in case these results are not really auspicious.

All of the above can be done for free, and registration to TaskJunction is also really simple – you just fill out five basic fields, and your account will be ready. And all that certainly outbalances the fact the interface and the overall layout of the site are really nothing out of this world.

TaskJunction.com In Their Own Words

TaskJunction is a free web based project management tool for all kinds of software developments. Great for Open Source and agile projects.

Some Questions About TaskJunction.com

Can it really compete with paid applications like Gitorious, which come with a larger set of features? TaskJunction.com