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TaskDriver.comIt is hard to complete projects and tasks in stressful and busy corporate settings. Communication and organization seem to be harder to achieve than they should be. offers corporations a solution that can help them deliver the results they want to their clients and create smooth communication and collaboration between group members. TaskDriver is a project management application that focuses the organization and completion of tasks. The application features a manager assignee relationship. Creating a task or project is easy and quick to do. The manager simply goes to the add task section, chooses the category, priority, writes a description chooses the assignee and creates a deadline. Assignees can see a list of their tasks and when they are due. Each member has a profile which they can edit. TaskDriver gives email notifications on the status and deadlines of different tasks. TaskDriver also features every individual’s task history. TaskDriver is quick and easy to set up so don’t waste time, use TaskDriver to organize and track your tasks. In Their Own Words

“TaskDriver is a unique task assignment based application developed specifically to meet today’s tough corporate standards of task assignment and tracking. It is a browser based thin client built with PHP/MySQL technologies. It contains built-in authentication, Manager/Assignee relationship and easy deadline tracking.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface. The homepage features an image of a group efficiently working together which is the objective of the application. The homepage also features screenshots of the application which is useful for anyone interested in the application. It is nice that the track listing section has upcoming deadlines highlighted in red so you pay attention to them.

Some Questions About could feature more in-depth description son the task functions. TaskDriver could feature more communicating features on the application such as a forum or the option of adding comments.


Author : Charly Zaks

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